To Win Clients, You Need a Winning Marketing Strategy

 If you think placing an ad in a phone book will bring in clients, you need a reality check. Stop wasting time on marketing tactics that are outdated and don’t work! Gain valuable insight from the lawyer marketing masters at LegalEase Marketing and C47 Films on your own time through our Lawyer Marketing 101 video course.


Get Schooled by Legal Marketing Experts

...For Only $59.99

You’re a great lawyer, we understand that you’re busy. That’s why our team released a 10-part Lawyer Marketing 101 video course that you can watch on your own time. If you’re like us, you binge watch your favorite TV shows on streaming services, so why wait weekly for educational content that you’ve already paid for? Every episode in our course is available to watch ASAP.

Topics Include: 

  • The importance of CRM and Automation.
  • Utilizing social media PROPERLY to reach clients.
  • How SEO can dramatically increase leads.
  • Why developing a brand voice is vital to stand out amongst the competition.
  • Developing your firm’s brand and messaging.
  • Digitizing your law firm based on your audience.
  • Creating a personal brand for yourself.
  • Utilizing time management and automation to get referrals.
  • Updating your law firm’s website and landing pages.
  • How organic social media can be a secret (and inexpensive) secret weapon to get leads.
  • Deploying paid digital ads.
  • And more!